Case Studies

After 503 years the Houses of Parliament finally gets some Metador steel doors

In the year 1512 Henry VIII moved the royal family out of the Palace of Westminster, and left it to the use of Parliament.

In the year 2015 an order was placed for a bespoke Metador Defender steel door system, to be installed to the front of the Parliament Education Centre. Why did it take them so long?

Admittedly we didn’t have a sales advisor in Westminster in 1512, and conditions in Parliament may well have been a little turbulent at the time, but the Metador system is such an obvious choice for security, sustainability and ease of installation that a very short debate will generally suffice.

These beautiful doorsets were manufactured using the Metador Defender bespoke system. The internal lever handles, escutcheons and hinges were specialist powder coated to match the Anolok 549 Dark Bronze anodized finish of the internal panelling. And the doors were completed, installed and operating flawlessly in time for the state opening of Parliament.

Really, it doesn’t take 503 years to decide that the Metador Defender is the best bespoke steel door system on the market – a fact borne out by the amount of delighted clients who recommend this product. And of course, in another 503 years – who knows? The doors could still be there.